Q-Sights Key Insights – Week 12

6/8/20220 -6/12/2020

Here are the key topics you need to know about COVID-19 this week. To help you stay abreast of the latest COVID-19 news, guidelines and best practices from Federal, State, National Health Agencies and QHR Health, visit the QHR Health COVID-19 Online Resource Center.

Supply Chain and Pharmacy

  • The eighth week of the QHR Health Supply Chain COVID 19 Warehouse program shipments produced another large number of hospitals and lines ordered. This week we are pleased to communicate 100% order fulfillment.
  • 45 hospitals sent orders for fulfillment
  • New items in the QHR Warehouse still available
    • Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers
    • Nasopharyngeal Swabs – 15cm
  • Continue to monitor HealthTrust’s COVID-19 Pharmacy Resource Center. You will find up to date information including items being placed into the McKesson Controlled Channel. If you have any questions or do not have a McKesson Controlled Channel account, please contact Stacy Richarz at sricharz@qhr.com or 863-617-4600.

Clinical Care


  • HHS has updated the COVID-19 Provider Relief Fund Website – Go to site to become familiar with the latest information.
  • HHS announced 3 new COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund distributions to Targeted Providers:
    • Enhanced Provider Relief (part of $50 Billion distribution)
      • High Medicaid and or CHIP Providers
      • *Will not receive this distribution IF hospital received payments in April / May 2020
  • Safety Net Hospitals ($10 Billion Allocation)
    • $25,000 uncompensated care costs per patient bed and
    • 20.2 % Medicare Disproportionate Share Hospital Payment Percentage and
    • 3% of less profitability
  • Hospitals with high COVID-19 Inpatient Admissions ($10 Billion Allocation)
    • 100 or more COVID-19 inpatient admissions
    • Report Inpatient COVID-19 admissions on HHS Website
    • Funds reserved for future “hot spots” during National Emergency

Visit the QHR Health COVID-19 Online Resource Center site as often as you’d like as we are providing live news feeds from the CDC and CMS to keep all of us updated on the latest news. There is also a document library link located in the bottom right-hand corner of the page where information is being organized by subject categories.

If you need assistance, please reach out to your QHR Health representative.