Q-Sights Key Insights – Week 21

8/10/20220 – 8/14/2020

Here are the key topics you need to know about COVID-19 this week. To help you stay abreast of the latest COVID-19 news, guidelines and best practices from Federal, State, National Health Agencies and QHR Health, visit the QHR Health COVID-19 Online Resource Center.

Supply Chain and Pharmacy

Clinical Care

  • The National Rural Health Association has compiled a detailed list of COVID-19 vaccine resources from HHS, CDC and CMS. The resources contain materials and ideas for communicating important and relevant COVID-19 vaccine information to your community.


  • HHS updates Provider Relief Funds FAQ document, adding additional confusion.
    • State Medicaid DSH funds and Provider Relief Funds:
      • Medicaid DSH reimbursements are based on “costs” of treating uninsured patients.
      • FAQ clarifies that costs related to treating uninsured COVID-19 patients cannot be applied against Provider Relief Funds.
      • Unclear on how to handle DSH reimbursements more than direct uninsured patients’ COVID-19 expenses.
      • Unclear whether guidance extends to other “tax-and-match” type funding employed by states: i.e., state supplemental reimbursement, intergovernmental transfers, and other similar programs.
    • Cost-Based Reimbursement for CAHs and RHCs:
      • Updated guidance appears to say that cost-based COVID-19 related expenses are considered completely reimbursed.
      • Cost-based providers only receive “Medicare” share of COVID-19 expenses via the cost-based reimbursement, not 100% reimbursement.
      • RHCs and any other cost-based reimbursed provider, subject to any ceiling, could claim incremental COVID-19 costs if provider is subject to the ceiling. *This would only apply to RHCs since CAHs are not subject to reimbursement limits.
    • Directors, management personnel, and other staff time and efforts related to COVID-19 preparations and response:
      • Provider participation in task force meetings, COVID-19 preparation, response, and planning efforts are allowable expenditures of Provider Relief Funds.
      • Providers must maintain detailed supporting documentation to substantiate the time and efforts.
    • Vaccine community outreach and education expenditures:
      • Expenditures related to community-wide vaccine education can be claimed as a COVID-19 related expense. This includes time and efforts of hospital public relations staff and others assisting with the education efforts.
      • Efforts and related to surrounding vaccine safety, vaccination site locations, etc., can be claimed as a community benefit expenditure on IRS Form 990.

Visit the QHR Health COVID-19 Online Resource Center site as often as you’d like as we are providing live news feeds from the CDC and CMS to keep all of us updated on the latest news. There is also a document library link located in the bottom right-hand corner of the page where information is being organized by subject categories.

If you need assistance, please reach out to your QHR Health representative.