Downstream Implications for Sterile Compounding

Correction from CriticalPoint

IMPORTANT: Correction to the COVID-19: Downstream Implications for Sterile Compounding


During the webinar CriticalPoint made a variety of recommendations with regard to mask or respirator reuse. This FAQ is posted to change one of those recommendations about how to store masks for reuse.


CriticalPoint recommended the masks for reuse be stored in new plastic “sandwich” bags after use, but several participants told us the CDC has recommendations for use of masks or respirators during a pandemic and that publication suggests that masks for reuse be stored in paper bags that are clean and breathable to reduce the potential for microbial growth. Thanks to those folks for setting us straight!

See Recommended Guidance for Extended Use and Limited Reuse of N95 Filtering Facepiece Respirators in Healthcare Settings (

It is acceptable to purchase brown paper sandwich bags in bulk (meaning the bags are new and unused), but these bags may not be reused! Store the unused bags in a plastic bag or bin. We are officially amending our mask and respirator-reuse storage instructions as follows:

  • Label masks or respirators on the outside
  • Do masks without touching the inside
  • Place the used mask for reuse into a new paper bag
  • Place the user’s initial on the outside of the paper bag so each user can and their mask again
  • Store all the bags of masks in a bin on the dirty side of the ante-room
  • When the respirator is sought for reuse, remove it from the bag and don it without touching the inside of the mask or respirator
  • DISCARD the bag that it had been stored in
  • A new paper bag must be used each time the mask/respirator is stored

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