According to the Director of the CDC, the first COVID-19 vaccine will be EUA approved in the second week of December. The first expected vaccine to receive approval is that of Pfizer/BioNTech, which requires dry ice for distribution and short-term storage of up to 30 days. If facilities choose to use Pfizer/BioNTech’s shipping container for short-term storage, they will need access to dry ice suppliers who can provide pelleted dry ice in 50lb (23kg) quantities to replenish the containers every 5 days. Operation Warp Speed and Pfizer/BioNTech are planning to provide some dry ice protective equipment and dry ice replenishment with the initial vaccine delivery.

AirGas (#45202) has been identified as a dry ice supplier that can reach many of our members on a national level. Cryogen PPE may be obtained through Airgas, Grainger (#148), or our Regard® private label. 

Details on how to set up an account with AirGas or obtain additional dry ice protective equipment can be found below, and in the provided attachments.

Pelleted Dry Ice Orders

  • Airgas account set up process:
    • Multi-facility order: Complete the attached Airgas Account Setup and email to Kipp Wilkinson at
    • Single facility order: Call (800) 329-0010.
  • Once your Airgas account is set up, Airgas will provide each facility with the local distributor contact to place your order.
  • Order lead time: 2 to 3 business days
  • Airgas dry ice product details:
    • Size: 50 lb. pelleted dry ice. Container will be a cardboard box.
      • Anticipate product shrinkage of approx. 10 lbs. per day while in the box.
    • Cost: $0.95/lb. plus shipping
    • Purchase order must be received prior to shipping or payment by credit/P-card

Cryogen PPE Orders – Grainger and Airgas

  • Grainger ordering process: Please see Grainger Cryogen Safety attachment below. 
  • Airgas ordering process: for multi-facility orders, please place order on Airgas’s website at

Cryogen PPE, Safety Goggles – Regard

In addressing the availability of critical medical supplies during normal operations and times of peak demand, we now offer personal protective equipment (PPE) through our Regard® private-label portfolio. As a HealthTrust member, you can access dedicated inventories of PPE, including safety goggles at competitive prices, utilizing our unique distribution network.* 

*If a current customer with ROi/Regard please follow the steps below to complete your order. To complete the ROi/Regard customer process contact

Safety goggle information:

  • ROi /Regard ordering process:
    • Submit request for quotation in email to
    • Customer service inquiries: Call (855) 520-2477.
  • Order processing time: 2 to 3 business days
  • Product details:
  • Include the following on your request for quotation:
    • ROi catalog number 400599 valid through December 4, 2020. ROi catalog number 3138224 valid after December 4, 2020.
    • Quantity: please specify in case quantity (120 per case)
    • Description:  Goggle Disp NS Universal SZ
    • UOM: EA x 120 x CA x 15 = pallet
    • Price $198.87 per case or ($1.66/each)